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With all of the technology and various communication channels today, why isn’t it easier to communicate with your audience? After all, if they’re just as passionate about your mission as you are, shouldn’t your message be the loudest or at least always be at the top of their inbox or social media feed? But it’s that technology and those various channels that make it difficult to communicate effectively.

I can help you minimize the noise and reach your audience in ways that increase engagement, increase support, and, ultimately, increase the impact of your organization. By crafting a clear message to share your vision and delivering that message cohesively across multiple channels, you can reach your audience like never before. Whether it’s to raise funds for a specific project, to increase giving overall, or to increase engagement through volunteering – it all comes down to communication. It’s not just about whether they hear you; it’s about their response.



With clear, compelling communication, you will lead your audience to the response for which you are hoping. Whether you're looking for greater awareness of your cause, more volunteers, or increased financial support, improved communication is the key.

capital campaign

When you need additional financial resources for a large project that has long-term impact on your organization's mission, a well-planned, well-executed capital campaign can connect resources and deepen the connection between your people and your vision.

annual fund

Growing your giving is about more than just dollar signs and numbers. You want people to join the mission that you're on, to become a bigger part of the "how" than just writing a check. By helping them understand the potential for greater impact, you will grow your annual giving.

data analysis

Data is a vital element to any organization. Who volunteers? Who contributes financially? Who advocates for your mission? How you use your data can make a difference between just existing or actually making a difference. Through analysis, use your data to grow your impact.

creative materials

If communication is important, how you communicate is critical. The same message delivered in different ways can elicit completely different responses. Creatively formatting and delivering your message will make it more compelling, higher response means more impact.

message automation

Human interaction is, of course, the most effective means of sharing your mission and vision. The tools available today, however, allow you to more effectively reach your audience at strategic points, allowing them more opportunities to engage and make a difference.

year-end giving appeals

You know that a large percentage, if not most, of your annual giving is received in November and December. Let's embrace that reality and strategically position your organization to receive the maximum support during the end-of-year generosity boost.

technology alignment

It can seem like you spend more time managing the organization than accomplishing your mission. Technology affects your culture, efficiency, and relationships. Putting the right systems in place can give you the insight and more time to accomplish your mission.

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What would it look like if your audience heard your message like never before? What would it look like if you had all of the support you need to fulfill your mission?


What others Say

Dan was phenomenal for us to work with! Due to his experience, he always seemed able to see what we were unable to see coming. He gave us a workable system, helped us stay clear of some major pitfalls, and best of all, helped us run an extremely successful campaign. Dan is very easy to work with, and I highly recommend choosing him as your consultant!
David Sorn
Pastor, Renovation Church
From day one, Dan came alongside us and jumped into the trenches. His coaching not only helped us meet our goals, but exceed them. He has been an invaluable resource to the process. We have zero regrets choosing him. We are better as a church because of our experience. The financial coaching, the spiritual encouragement, and the wisdom have been priceless.
Ben Lamb
Lead Pastor, GracePoint Church
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